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How to set the correct mold temperature

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Insiders know that when making molds, we should control the correct mold surface temperature. Because after the basic design of the mold is formed, the mold designer also operates the appropriate injection mold temperature control system equipment. With the help of the equipment, the production of a good part structure can be completed. 

1、 Improper mold temperature will have a negative impact.


[1]、The shrinkage of engineering plastic mold and the shrinkage of formed products are closely related to mold temperature and product wall thickness. Uneven heat distribution in the mold will lead to different shrinkage, resulting in the size of the workpiece exceeding the standard.

[2]、The mold surface temperature is too low, which usually leads to poor appearance of the formed parts, and the defects are easy to identify. If the surface temperature of the mold is too low, the size of the product will become smaller when it is used at high temperature. Too low mold surface temperature reduces the shrinkage of the mold, but the shrinkage of the molded product becomes larger.

[3]、Uneven heat distribution on the surface of the mold will prolong the molding cycle, reduce the production efficiency and increase the molding cost.

[4]、If the size of the product is stable and requires a long cooling time, it means that the temperature control of the mold is poor. This is caused by the long time for the mold temperature to rise to equilibrium.

2、 Suggestions for setting the correct mold temperature

[1]、The mold temperature control of molded products must be considered in the mold design stage.

[2]、Use heat shield between the mold and the fixed formwork of the molding machine.

[3]、Select appropriate mold temperature control equipment, and the cooling medium and flow rate shall be indicated in the mold data sheet.

[4]、When using pressurized water as the mold cooling medium, the hose and bifurcation manifold should be able to resist high pressure and high temperature.

[5]、Different temperature control systems are used for the moving part and core part of the mold. In this way, when the mold starts to operate, different cooling temperatures can be generated.

[6]、When the designed mold has small injection weight and large mold size, good heat conduction in mold structure is very important.

[7]、The cooling liquid channel of the mold should be smooth. Try not to use quick connectors, which may hinder the flow of mold cooling liquid.

In short, only after operating the injection mold temperature control system equipment and making a failed mold, can we know how irreversible the negative impact of the wrong mold temperature is, but also because of these failed experiences, the mold designer can know how to control the correct mold temperature.

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