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Special technology for hot runner mold: how to use hot runner

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Compared with foreign countries, the special technology of hot runner mold was gradually applied to the market in China in the 1990s, but the market share is low. Therefore, compared with the high market application rate in foreign countries, there is still a lot of room for the development of domestic hot runner. The following is mainly about how to use hot runner technology in molds and how to bring different effects.


 Different mold structures will lead to different use methods of special technology for hot runner mold

When forming super large products, only the hot runner can make the plastic flow balanced. For example, when producing components such as automobile inner liner and household appliance shell, it needs to feed glue at many places at the same time or in chronological order. At this time, it needs hot runner to successfully complete this step.

Generally speaking, when using the three plate method for injection, the heavy mother template needs to slide on the guide post. Even the new mold is difficult to bear the heavy load caused by this sliding for a long time, so the service life of the mold is not long. In addition, in this way, during each ejection, the movement of the template for taking out the runner material from the mold will be greater than the movement of the template required to take out the molded product from the mold.

In addition, when the lateral glue feeding is carried out away from the center of the injection molding machine, the hot runner glue feeding method can simplify the structure of the mold, make the molding easier, speed up the molding speed, reduce the molding time and produce no material head.

Three situations require the use of special technology for hot runner molds

1. In order to avoid problems caused by too long material heads.

2. In the use of the three plate mold, the hot runner molding method is adopted, and the mold opening movement can shorten the moving distance required by the discharge head. Therefore, when the three plate mold adopts the cold runner, it needs a large molding machine to produce, while after using the hot runner, it can use a small molding machine.

3. Form some large products or products that allow eccentric glue feeding.

4. It is necessary to use a long vertical channel for ejection side glue feeding.

Through the above small series, you can understand that the special technology of hot runner mold will lead to different use conditions of hot runner due to different mold structures. Through the description of three cases, you know that in different cases, using hot runner can shorten the time of materials and labor at different levels, but the specific use method should also be determined according to the use conditions.

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