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Troubleshooting of some common faults for injection mold

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The special structure of injection mold and mold processing quality directly affect the quality and production efficiency of plastic products. Some of the most common mold failures and their main causes in the production of injection mold and plastic products are analyzed and eliminated as follows.

1. Poor cooling or water leakage

The cooling effect of the mold directly affects the quality and production efficiency of the products, such as poor cooling, large shrinkage of the products, or uneven shrinkage and warping deformation. On the other hand, the whole or part of the die is overheated, and the die cannot be formed and produced normally. In serious cases, the movable expansion of the ejector rod is stuck and damaged. The design of cooling system, processing to the shape and setting of products, will not save the system because of the complexity of mold structure or processing difficulties. In particular, the cooling problem must be fully considered for large and medium-sized molds.


2. Guide post damage

The guide pillar mainly plays a guiding role in the mold to ensure that the core and cavity forming surface do not collide with each other. In any case, the guide pillar is not used as a force or positioning part. Under the following conditions, the fixed mold will produce a huge lateral displacement force during the injection time: (1) when the wall thickness of the plastic part is required to be uneven, the material flow through the thick wall has a high rate, which will generate a large pressure here; (2) The side of the plastic part is asymmetric, such as the mold with stepped parting surface, and the reverse pressure on the opposite two sides is not equal.

3. Movable formwork bending

When the mold is injected, the melt in the mold cavity has strong resistance to pressure, which is generally 600 ~ 1000 kg / cm -. Mold manufacturing sometimes does not pay attention to this problem, often changing the size of the original design, or replacing the dynamic template with low-strength steel plate. It is expected that the injection template will be bent down due to the large span on both sides of the ejector rod. Therefore, the high-quality steel used has sufficient thickness. For the cut A3 and other low-strength steel, if necessary, a support or the bottom of the support block should be set in the dynamic formwork to reduce the thickness of the formwork and improve the bearing capacity.

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