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Application of intelligent integrated temperature control system in DIY installation

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Today, with the increasing development of science and technology, the intelligent integrated temperature control system technology has been born in the early years, and now it has gradually involved many industries, ranging from house indoor geothermal, space constant temperature, to graphics card, motherboard, CPU, power supply. The figure of 'intelligent temperature control technology' can be seen. Intelligent temperature control is an innovation in the field of heat dissipation, and the new technology of intelligent temperature control of various manufacturers has followed.


Up to now, the technology of intelligent integrated temperature control system has been more and more mature in technology after a long time, but intelligent temperature control is still so strange to beginners. Beginners often pay attention to the appearance and the literal configuration of various components in DIY installation, ignoring the important element of temperature. Next, the editor mainly analyzes the intelligent temperature control from the application of chassis, Deepen beginners' impression of DIY installation.

Chassis: intelligent temperature control has been widely used

Computer chassis plays an important role in shielding electromagnetic radiation. Unlike CPU, graphics card, motherboard and other accessories, the chassis can quickly improve the performance of the whole machine, so many consumers do not consider the factors and quality of the chassis in DIY. Computer chassis is the most easily ignored by many DIY consumers. For chassis, intelligent integrated temperature control system technology has been widely used.

After some consumers started with chassis with low quality and configuration, problems such as heat dissipation caused the whole platform to crash, short circuit, and even burn the hardware, causing unnecessary losses. Therefore, it is conceivable that the importance of intelligent temperature control.

The intelligent temperature control technology in the chassis is mainly reflected in the delicate and beautiful LCD device designed in the middle of the front panel, which monitors and displays the internal temperature of the chassis at any time through a precision sensor to prevent excessive temperature from affecting the normal operation of the computer. This design is now very popular in the DIY market, and real-time temperature monitoring is a great love of many water-cooled users.

When the temperature exceeds the normal standard value, the specially designed fan inside the chassis will start to dissipate heat and reduce the temperature, so as to ensure the normal use of the computer and avoid the worries of users. This is the intelligent temperature control technology adopted by the main box. When the temperature does not reach the target value, the fan will not start. The zero noise when the fan is stationary ensures energy saving and reduces noise.

In short, in the chassis, the intelligent integrated temperature control system in the computer can mainly monitor the chassis temperature in real time to prevent slowing down the Internet speed. For beginners of DIY installation, they should first be familiar with this technology, and then learn more about its application in various industries.

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