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Ambient temperature: 32 ° f to 131 ° f (0 ° C to 55 ° C)

Relative humidity: 10%-95%

Transportation temperature: -40 ° f to 158 ° f (-40 ° C to 70 ° C)

Insulation voltage of control card to ground: 1200vdc

Power supply requirements: ac185-v245v, 50/60hz

Type of temperature sensing wire: J or K thermocouple

Temperature unit: Celsius ° C or Fahrenheit ° f

Temperature control range: 45 ° C to 550 ° C

Temperature measurement accuracy: +1%, -1%

Temperature measurement repetition accuracy: +0.1%, -0.1%

Temperature stability accuracy: +0.5%, -0.5%

Thermocouple cold junction compensation: dynamic tracking

Noise suppression: common mode rejection ratio >100db

Sampling frequency: 10Hz (100ms)

Single point cut-off load: 15a, 3500w/220v or 1650w/110v

F1, f2:250v-15a (special fuse)

Short circuit protection of generator

Wrong connection protection between the heating wire and the temperature sensing wire

380 overvoltage voltage input protection

Artificial intelligence + phase shift to achieve high-precision control

Low voltage constant current dehumidification function

Provide comprehensive hot runner fault detection

International standard card design, 1-12 point combined box

The temperature rise in the system is low, which can be used in harsh environment


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