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Purpose and function of multifunctional temperature control system

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Multifunctional temperature control system is generally used in office buildings, schools, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, substations, wind power plants and other places. Its function is to bring the temperature control mode of rooms (areas) that are difficult to manage into the computer humanized auxiliary control, so as to realize the centralized temperature control or network remote monitoring of each room (area). The advantage of centralized control is to reduce unnecessary waste of energy.


Functions of multifunctional temperature control system:

Centralized control

1. The system centrally controls the temperature of each room, which can realize the control of temperature, humidity and other functions.

2. The system carries out computer programmed control according to the user's preset temperature, and sets different requirements according to different time segments and rooms.

3. The system can set various programs such as work, rest, overtime, serial rest, sleep, etc.

4. The temperature of the central control room and each independent room is double displayed, and there is a standby manual control system.

5. The system IO interface adopts industrial standards, which can be easily connected with relevant equipment.

6. The system network communication protocol adopts IEC61850 standard and supports RS485, RS-232 and tcp/ip underlying physical interfaces.

7. The system can manage up to 2000 rooms (areas) and realize centralized temperature control.

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