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What is a hot runner? Characteristics of production molds of professional hot runner companies

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Hot runner system has been developed and utilized as early as the middle of last century. Although it develops rapidly abroad, with the rapid development of domestic technology and industry, most domestic professional hot runner companies basically use hot runner technology. Although it has not reached the proportion of foreign hot runner companies, it has made great progress compared with the 1980s.



Composition of hot runner system

Although there are many hot runner manufacturers and a variety of hot runner product series in the world, a typical hot runner system is composed of the following parts: hot runner plate, nozzle, temperature controller and auxiliary parts.

Principle of hot runner

Cold runner refers to the part between the mold inlet and the product gate. The plastic keeps flowing in the runner by injection pressure and its own heat. The runner is a part of the molding material, but it does not belong to the product.

Advantages of hot runner mold

1. Eliminate subsequent processes, which is conducive to production automation

The finished product is formed by the hot runner mold. There is no need to trim the gate and recycle the cold runner, which is conducive to production automation. Many domestic and foreign product manufacturers combine hot runner with automation to greatly improve production efficiency.

2. Save plastic raw materials

Because there is no cold runner in the full hot runner mold, there is no production cost. This is particularly significant for the application projects where plastic prices are expensive. In fact, the major international hot runner manufacturers have developed rapidly in the era of expensive oil and plastic raw materials in the world. Because hot runner technology is an effective way to reduce waste and raw material costs.

3. Shorten the forming cycle of parts

Because there is no restriction on the cooling time of the sprue system, the parts can be ejected in time after forming and curing. The forming cycle of many thin-walled small parts produced by hot runner mold can be less than 5 seconds.

Although the process of using hot runner technology to produce molds in China started too late, and the technology has not been completely improved, domestically, Dexin Chang, as a professional hot runner company, has been committed to the update of hot runner technology. Dexin Chang's experienced technical elites and high-quality R & D team integrate into the advanced European design concepts, and continue to innovate and apply new products and technologies, Wholeheartedly provide customers with the best quality products and considerate services!

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